In the care of dry lips

Beautiful lips, beautiful smile! In hostile weather in winter, the skin becomes lip and lifeless. Excessive dryness can lead to sores on the corners of the lips, chapped lips, and bleeding. So take care of your lips regularly and bring a beautiful pink glow to your lips.

Lips can be dry for a variety of reasons. Lips become dry due to the use of extra cosmetics and lack of necessary care. Here are some homemade tips to take care of dry lips.

Mix glycerin with olive oil and apply it on the lips before going to bed at night. Just using glycerin will also help to make the lips soft and supple.
Before bathing, apply a few drops of lemon juice called cotton on the lips. If used regularly, the lips will turn pink.
Soaking a cotton ball in lukewarm water or scrubbing it regularly with a lip brush removes blackheads from the lips and reduces dryness.
You can use a good brand of Vaseline, lip cream or chap stick to get rid of chapped lips.
Avoid using matte lipstick on dry lips and use cream or glossy lipstick. Avoid applying any face pack or cream on the face as well as on the lips. The lips become black.

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