Some necessary health checks for women

Mother, sister, wife or lover – whatever the name may be called, there are different connections of love, affection and affection with women. They do not have the fault of trying to keep everything good for the family or the person close to them. But about yourself? These people are inexperienced in taking care of themselves. Therefore, most of the women suffer from health problems at different times. That is why there are 10 health check-ups required for women in the health records of the special event of Ananddhara on Women’s Day. This type of problem is usually seen in women in their forties, but now women are suffering from various health problems at a very young age due to various reasons including neglect of health. So now is the time to take necessary action knowing in advance.

Thyroid activation

The most common health problem that women face today is thyroid problems. Some women suffer from hypothyroidism and some women suffer from hyperthyroidism. Swelling of the legs, pain in the hands, feet and joints are common symptoms of thyroid problems. In addition, even if you are overweight, you should get tested for hyroid in advance.

Pap smear

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. The Pap smear test is done to prevent cervical cancer. This is a very simple test that most ordinary people ignore. Pap smear tests are a must for women over forty because these tests help prevent the risk of cervical cancer. Women above the age of thirty can start this test but it is very important to do this test once in two-three years on forty parole.


The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing, especially among women in their forties. All over the world. So the best way to prevent breast cancer is to have a simple mammogram test. This test is very important if you have a family history of cancer.

Heart disease

Forty parolees require regular heart tests and heart rate control. Regular checkups can prevent sudden death from cardiac arrest. In addition, if you know about the foods that keep the heart healthy, you should adjust your eating habits accordingly if you have cholesterol and other problems.

Bone density / vitamin D deficiency

Bone loss begins with age. Especially the female body. Bone density tests after forty are extremely useful. It prevents fractures. Vitamin D deficiency also increases the risk of bone loss and osteoporosis. Women in their forties need more vitamin D, which absorbs calcium and prevents bone loss. So it is very important to check the levels of vitamin D.


Women in their forties are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. The body cannot produce enough insulin to maintain glucose levels, so the necessary tests are essential to prevent diabetes. Eating habits and regular physical activity are also important for the well-being of everyone.

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is most common in women after menopause. Therefore, to avoid the risk of ovarian cancer, women should get specific tests before menstruation.

Blood pressure and eyes

Women tend to have higher levels of high blood pressure after menopause. So it needs to be brought under control before that. As soon as you reach forty, you must monitor your blood pressure through regular tests. Also, with age, our eyesight begins to decline. Vision begins to blur and the eyes begin to become dry. In addition, cataracts or glaucoma may appear gradually and therefore regular eye examinations are very important at forty parole. If you have diabetes, you must be extra aware of eye problems.


Kidney disease is one of the diseases that acts as a silent killer. It is not common for women to drink enough water. As a result, the problem can take a difficult form through various kidney problems. So it is important to drink certain water, the kidneys should be taken care of. Age is not an issue, awareness is the key. So it is important for everyone to pay attention to these problems of women, especially the male member of the household, so that the person who is always taken care of does not get into any big problems. A little awareness towards women can keep her healthy and beautiful.

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