Various uses of green tea

Green tea is a healthy drink and its health benefits are many. Drinking green tea at least 2 to 3 times a day will keep you moving and agile throughout the day.

  • Green tea is readily available in the market, so its use is not only in health care but also in beauty care nowadays. Learn about the various uses and effects of green tea today:
  • Almost everyone knows the benefits of drinking green tea to reduce excess body fat and lose weight. Drinking sugar-free green tea every day will help you lose weight fast.
  • Regular consumption of green tea greatly reduces the risk of liver, stomach and esophageal cancer. Also, it will relieve you from fatigue or exhaustion easily.
  • Green tea acts as a good conditioner in hair care. Cool well with green tea in hot water and use on hair.
  • Green tea also helps to remove brown spots. Cool the green tea and apply it on the face for a while, then rinse with water. Acne can be cured.
  • Green tea is also effective in preventing itching and watery eyes. Leave the used green tea on the eyelids for 20 minutes without throwing away the bag, you will get good results.
  • Green tea bags are also very effective in removing odors. If you want to get rid of the stench of sweat, you can use green tea underarm.
  • Green tea is very effective in preventing colds, coughs and colds. If you feel cold, drink green tea twice a day, you can add lemon juice.

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